Marketing Writing – Planning to Rewrite Your Business Materials? Some Ideas for Magnetic Materials

When you’re in the process of rewriting the marketing materials for your business, it is a great time to consider new possibilities. Your objective should be to produce written pieces that are absolutely magnetic to your sharply delineated target market. What you want is a “system” of written pieces, each with a specific purpose – … Continue reading “Marketing Writing – Planning to Rewrite Your Business Materials? Some Ideas for Magnetic Materials”

When you’re in the process of rewriting the marketing materials for your business, it is a great time to consider new possibilities. Your objective should be to produce written pieces that are absolutely magnetic to your sharply delineated target market. What you want is a “system” of written pieces, each with a specific purpose – constructed to accomplish a specific thing. Ideally, you would have 3-4 written pieces – each providing more information about the problems that your business solves for clients and designed to move a prospect closer to working with you.

Generally, these pieces (depending on the nature of your business) are a) a one page executive summary, b) a more robust description of your business c) a fully detailed website that gives all the information a prospect needs to buy d) one or possibly several white papers that describe in-depth various aspects of your business. As you can see, having these pieces prepared in advance allows you to give a prospect exactly the amount of information that they need when they need it. When you create these pieces as a “system” you give enough information to entice a prospect to want to know more.

Here is a list of ideas for you to consider when you are preparing to rewrite the business materials you have to sell your services.

1) Use this opportunity to upgrade your target market. Think back to your best clients and the most profound successes they have had. What characteristics did these clients have? How did they behave that produces such great results? How did they function that made their success inevitable? Usually your best clients are committed to their own success and to getting results. They do “what it takes”. If you want to “close” them as clients, your new target market must be specifically addressed to them.

2) Target your materials to a sharply defined niche – a subset of the entire market – who has a specific problem to solve. Don’t make the mistake of believing that EVERYONE is your market or of being afraid to sharply define who your market is. You will attract exactly your target market when you use details about how those problems (that you can solve) impact their lives. You want to produce in them that thrill of recognition that caused them to self identify as your target market. To get this effect requires specificity in your description.

3) Describe the benefits clients get from working with you and getting the solution you provide. How are their live changed? What can your prospects expect to feel and experience if they become clients? What differences have you seen and had clients describe? “Paint a picture” that is realistic, compelling and ultimately desirable to your target market.

4) Put together materials that you can proudly present to prospects – without apology or dissembling. You want them to have a true, accurate and current “snapshot” of your business that is easy to understand and gets them to engage with you. The language needs to be simple, clear, and easy to comprehend. Don’t complicate the information or use technical jargon.

5) Think about your written pieces and how they fit together as a system. Do you have overview information you can give on first contact, information to respond to for requests about complete information, and in-depth information for specialty topics? Can you supply the right amount of information that a prospect needs according to their interest level. You don’t want to overwhelm a prospect with information when they are initially only slightly curious.

As you get ready to rewrite your business materials, and prepare your marketing writing, if you do a little upfront planning and preparation you can ensure that your business is magnetically attractive to exactly your target market.

Revamp Your Marketing Writing – Eight Ways Rewriting Your Materials Can Benefit Your Business

If your business is not attracting enough new clients on a regular basis, your marketing writing might benefit from a “makeover”. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide whether or not it’s time to revamp the business writing you use to sell your services. If your written business materials cause these problems, it’s time to rewrite.

* You apologize when you hand out written materials or send someone to your website.

* The materials you have are vastly outdated and no longer reflect the current state of your business. Your written materials do not do a complete “sales job” for you.

* There are huge gaps of information, and this makes the sales process longer and more time-consuming.

If you’ve read this and determined that your business writing falls into these categories, it’s time to consider redoing your written business materials. Here are eight ways that your business can benefit from revamping your marketing writing, once the process is complete.

1) You’ll sharpen your business communications by coming up with more clearly defined concepts, and ways you describe your business. You use more effective language that attracts your target market. By becoming more definite and targeted, you’ll discover that you’re getting more prospects, and that they will be more likely to understand your services and be easier to “close”.

2) You’ll use your “fresh eyes” to create fresh input. You also get new ideas about the current market. Most of us “get in a rut” about how we describe our business. Often, we miss the obvious things that a stranger to our business sees as most striking and attractive. You get the opportunity to explore new options as you start to describe your business, the services you deliver and how your target market benefits from those services.

3) Often in the process of writing new materials, we stumble upon new offerings or combinations we hadn’t thought of before. This could be things like creating “packages”, adding products to our services, or changing methods or locations of delivery. The rewriting process becomes a fertile ground for all those ideas you’ve had in the past that you were too busy to implement. It only makes sense to dredge those ideas up and to consider incorporating them into your new writing.

4) You feel more confident once you’ve finished rewriting your business materials. You no longer feel embarrassed or apologetic when you hear that question, “Do You have more information?” When you hand over written materials or send someone to your website, you’re free of any nagging shame or guilt that you once had. What you give prospects is fully representative of the current state of your business.

5) You have new language to use to present your business to prospects. This can elevate your sales presentations and stimulate your excitement over what your business does. In effect, what you is doing is incorporating the things you say and use in person with prospects to turn them into clients. Writing this down is an excellent opportunity to compile the most effective methods and language.

6) It becomes easier to get the attention and interest of prospects. Think about this. On those occasions when you have gone into a store that has been newly renovated, don’t you feel a lot more interested to see what is new? Aren’t you curious about looking around and discovering what you might want? When you rewrite your marketing writing, it creates a sense of interest and curiosity.

7) Your sales “pitch” is refined, and renewed. It flows better. You lose the boredom that you once “telegraphed” to prospects. That heightened excitement is contagious to prospects. You’ve cleaned up any “hitches” in your presentation and you get better response and more sales.

8) By clearing up any problems in your business materials you inadvertently revise your business strategy as well. This is a natural byproduct of redoing your writing. The writing reflects your new strategy and supports that strategy, so necessarily your strategy is revised along with your writing. This is a painless way to create a new business strategy.

These benefits of rewriting your business materials are quite profound. In effect, you’re getting a whole new business when you rewrite.

Marketing – Why Should You Care About Your Marketing Writing?

Some business owners take the attitude that marketing writing is not important and that it’s not something they want to invest in. Of course, the next statement often is, “I don’t have enough clients. It’s hard to sell my services.” There is a connection between thinking marketing writing is not important, and how hard it is for you to attract the targeted clients you want so badly. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should care about the marketing writing for your business.

1. It is what prospects “see” that represents you and your services.

What you put down in writing (marketing writing and website writing) represents you, your business, and the quality of the work you will do for clients. Think about the times you were interested in a service provider, but lost interest when you read what they gave you. You asked them for more information, and what they gave you did not tell you what you needed to know. Maybe it looked so anateurish that you threw it in the trash.

2. You need to write about your business to clarify all the details.

If you find yourself fumbling when prospects ask about your business, that’s a tip off that you have not spent enough time getting clear on everything about your business. You can’t tell them because you have not gotten it clear in your own mind. When you get asked questions about your business, you give unsatisfactory answers. Your answers don’t work for you, so you know they won’t work for your prospects.

3. You will never feel confident about your business without having finished marketing writing and website writing.

There’s no way you can go out to market your business and feel good about responding to inquiries, when you know that what you will provide cannot be effective. In fact, you’re going to all that trouble to market and losing prospects over your inability to respond professionally in writing. It’s embarrassing and also frustrating to your prospects. You get them all excited in person, but what they see on paper does not validate your spoken words.

It’s important to care about your marketing writing and to have professional quality website writing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not important or that you will “get to it someday”. That attitude is hurting your business.